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A908 Step-Up Converter

Many sensors, such as the OTT level sensors RLS and PLS, require supply voltages beyond the range an ADCON RTU can supply (5,6 - 7,5V). To enable customers to nonethelss connect these sensors we have developed this inexpensive, yet very efficient step-up converter. It can easily be integrated e.g. inside the top sensor cap of an RLS radar sensor, or inside the FAD box of an OTT PLS sensor.

This step-up converter effectively multiplies the voltage the ADCON RTU feeds through any its I/O ports to a sensor by a factor of 1.5. Please note that this adapter has a limited output current of ~ 40mA, and is therefore not suitable for sensors with a high current consumption!
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Input Voltage (Vin) +5VDC ... 9VDC
Output Voltage Vin x 1,5  (+7,5VDC ... 13,5 VDC)
Input Current @ 6V (quiescent mode) 0,5mA
Output Current max. 40mA
Termination 2-pin screw terminal - bare ends with cable shoes
Cable length 100mm
Dimensions 55 x 12 x 15mm LxWxH
Weight 25g
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