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A917 Power-Booster

The A917 Power Booster converts the voltage from the RTUs battery to approx. 9.6V. It is capable of delivering up to 250mA power to two  devices.

To avoid excessive load on the SDI-12 bus upon power-up it switches the devices on one after the other. This also reduces sudden power drain from the battery.

The A917 is a very robust device, built of durable aluminum (actually the same type that we use for our A723 addIT RTU), and features three metal cable glands. It comes with a 2m Binder cable to connect it to an ADCON RTU.
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Case Aluminum, powder coated
Dimensions 100 x 70 x 40 mm
Mounting Mast mounting bracket, W4 clamp
Voltage input SBATT from an Adcon RTU: 5,6 ... 7,5 VDC
Output 2 x 9,6VDC stabilized
Cable 2m, PUR coated, shielded
Connector 7-pin male M9
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