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Guy wire set for 350cm pole set

In windy areas or for "fully loaded stations", e.g. a complete ETo station with a second temperature/humidity sensor and an additional net radiation sensor, we strongly recommend to secure the station against wind pressure by guying it to the ground.

This professionally built guy wire kit is available in two versions: made of galvanized steel, or made of stainless steel. Particularly in coastal regions the stainless version is the preferred option.

The kit contains all necessary components: a mast mounting fixture, three 50cm spikes, 4m of rope, readily prepared with a spanner to tighten the ropes, and three S-hooks to attach the rope to the spikes. The only major tool you need to bring to the installation is a sledge hammer!

This kit is suitable for tubular poles with diameters from 35 to 70mm.
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