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SM1 Toolkit incl. Auger

In order to achieve good readings from an SM1 Soil Moisture sensor a proper installation is key. This requires the right tool to drill the right-sized hole, and get the access tube in the ground.

This tool kit contains all the parts you need: a soil sampling auger, a set of extension bars, a solid handle made of stainless steel, and an insert adapter that will assist you in driving the access tube into the ground without damaging its tip.

And all of this comes packed in a convenient carrying case of strong canvas. By default the kit is suitable for installing probes with lengths of up to 120cm. Should you want to go deeper you can buy an additional extension rod.

Contents of Kit:
  • Soil Auger 40mm diameter, 50cm length
  • 2 Extension rods, 50cm each
  • 1 Hammering Head/Handle
  • 1 Auger Insert
  • 1 Bar to turn/loosen extension rods
  • 1 Opening tool for SM1 Probe Head
  • 1 Canvas carrying bag
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