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More than 50.000 telemetry units (RTU) sold make ADCON the leading manufacturer for expert solutions in agro-meteorology, irrigation control, meteorology and water management. Wether it's UHF radio or GSM/GPRS/UMTS telemetry, ADCON smart wireless solutions are the right choice!


ADCON new ultra low power RTU A760, A765 and A764

The ADCON SERIES 6 RTU is the new generation of remote-controlled, ultra low-power dataloggers for agricultural, meteorological and hydrological applications at a competitive price.

  • Compact data logger with integrated cell modem
  • ultra-low-power design; large integrated memory; IP-67/IP-65; WMO-compliant weather recording; Bluetooth; Firmware update over the air feature (FOTA )
  • 2G/3G or 4G/LTE
  • A764: 12x analog in (0 … 2,5 VDC); 4x pulse counter 4x digital in/out (0 … 3 V TTL); 40x SDI-12 values; Analog resolution: 16-Bit @ 0 … 2,5 V

A753 addWAVE UHF

A753 addWAVE UHF

The A753 addWAVE is the workhorse in ADCON's range of UHF RTU's, with a wealth of features and an unbeatable expansion capability.

  • Compact data logger with integrated UHF modem
  • IP-67 ultra-low-power design, WMO compliant measurement methods, high analog resolution, large integrated memory (2MB = ~6 months of data for 15-minute-readings), 5-20km transmission range, repeater functionality
  • UHF radio (430-470MHz) with 500mW
  • 12 x analog 0…1/2,5VDC (3 channels also support 0…150mV); 4 pulse counters (2x 500Hz fast counters / 2x 50Hz counters); 4 digital I/O's (expandable with A553 to up to 52 digital I/O's); 40 SDI-12 values; Modbus via adapter

A751 addRELAY UHF Repeater Station

A751 addRELAY UHF Repeater Station

A751 extends the operating radius of other Adcon RTUs and economically optimizes radio quality. It is the successor to the successful A731 addRELAY.

  • Remote Transmission Unit
  • IP-67; Ultra low power design; Cost effective solution to extend range of other short or lange range UHF radio loggers by 20km and more depending on installation; Same major components as other data loggers
  • Radio communication (430-470MHz), 500mW

A723 addIT Series 4

A723 addIT Series 4 radio modem

A compact 10mW RTU with integrated SDI-12 capability, lots of I/O ports, lots of memory, and more at a very attractive price.

  • IP-67; Ultra low power design; Cost effective solution if a number of sites are close to each other; 1km radio range
  • Radio communication (432-470MHz), 10mW
  • 6 analog 0 … 1/2,5VDC (3 channels also support 0 … 150mV); 2 pulse counter (2x 30Hz counters); 2 digital I/O (expandable with A553 up to 14 digital I/O's), 40 SDI-12 values

A724 addSWITCH

A724 addSWITCH Series 4 Valve Controller

Turns latching solenoids on and off, reads meters, monitors pressure!

  • Remote Transmission Unit
  • IP-67; Ultra low power design; Wireless remote irrigation control for up to four latching solenoids; 1km radio range
  • Radio communication (432-470MHz), 10mW
  • 1 analog 0 … 1/2,5VDC; 4 pulse counter (4x 30Hz counters); 4 latching solenoids (voltage programmable 5,5 … 15VDC)