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A755 addSDI GPRS V2 - discontinued

A755 addSDI GPRS V2

The A755 addSDI GPRS RTU in its version 2 was developed to provide users of SDI-12 sensors with an inexpensive means to log and transmit up to 40 SDI-12 values of environmental data, while at the same time providing 2 pulse inputs, e.g. for water meters and rain gauges, and 2 digital TTL ports which are custom configurable either as in- or as outputs.

IMPORTANT: A755 addSDI GPRS RTU is discontinued

Please check the alternative: ADCON SERIES 6 RTU

  • Remote Transmission Unit
  • IP-67 ;Ultra low power design ;Cost effective solution in case of using digital sensors (SDI-12 / Modbus), digital I/O's and counters ;Large integrated memory (2MB equals 6 months of data for usual 15 minute interval values)
  • GPRS, 3G
  • 2 pulse counter (2x 30Hz counters): 2 digital I/O (expandable with A553 up to 14 digital I/O's): 40 SDI-12 values: Modbus support via adapter
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Should the GSM network go down or the GPRS connection be interrupted no data will be lost as the A755 features plenty of internal memory. Example: 15-minute data from a multi-parameter water quality sonde with 8 parameters will be stored for about 4 months. All functions can be remotely configured through the A850 Gateway. A quad-band GSM/GPRS modem from Telit (formerly Motorola) and a powerful NiMH battery are built-in. The rugged aluminum case has stainless IP-67 connectors and an integrated mast mounting bracket.

Power is supplied by means of a solar panel or an external power supply.

Leaflet - A755 GPRS SDI-12
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Case Aluminum, powder coated
Protection class IP-67
Dimensions and weight 160 x 60 x 80 mm / 6.3 x 2.4 x 3.1 inches
1150g / 2.4lb.
Connectors for sensors and power 2 x M9 female 7-pin to sensor
1 x M9 female 5-pin to power
Made in Germany by Binder
IP-67 protection class
Sockets: brass, nickel plated, with gold plated socket contacts
Protective cap
Antenna connector TNC with external seal, water tight , Made in Germany
Mounting Mast mounting bracket integrated
Operating temperature -20°C ... +65°C / -4°F ... 149°F
-30°C ... +75°C / -22°F ... 167°F extended temp. range upon request
SDI-12 Up to 40 values can be addressed
Modbus optional; via internal interface board
Counter Inputs 2 for standard reed contacts; electronically debounced, e.g. for rain gauges; max frequency up to 50 pulses per second; min. pulse length 10ms, min. break time 10ms
Digital I/O ports 1 x 3V TTL  and  1 x 5V TTL
Both I/Os configurable as either inputs or outputs
Data Memory 2MB for up to 500.000 readings;
4MB: optional - up to 1 Mio readings; this is not a retrofit, but needs to be installed ex factory
Data transmission:
Frequencies 900 & 1800 MHz (Europe) and
850 & 1900 MHz (Americas)
Modem Telit G24
Telit H24 upon request
SIM-Cards small footprint
Security SIM-Cards are PIN-Code protected
Connection types - GSM: CSD Circuit Switched Data
- UMTS: optional
GPRS Connection Frequency User selectable:
- permanent connection
- connect from 1 x per minute to 1 x per day
Antenna Omnidirectional, +2dBi, TNC, waterproof
Power supply internal 6.2V battery, charged by solar panel or mains adaptor;
optional: non-rechargeable Lithium-Thionyl battery (to operate the RTU w/o solar panel)
Battery Panasonic high-temperature industrial grade NiMH battery, 3.300mAh
Type approvals FCC, R&TTE, CE, Industry Canada, ACMA Australia
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