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Water Supply Association "Fernwasser Franken"

Automatic Meter Reading and improved services


The main objective of FWF is to supply drinking water in excellent quality to private households, industry and commerce in the cities and municipalities in the area. Until recently 640 bulk water meters had to be read within the last two days of each month by 8 teams of two people each, a considerable effort.

The Task

  • Provide exact consumption data on the last day of every month
  • Gain better understanding of consumption development by easily comparing annual consumption patterns with each other
  • Make better use of manpower for more important and pressing issues than meter reading

The Solution

A network of 570 ADCON wireless telemetry stations has been set up. Despite the size of the supply area (4.700 km²) even the most remote meter is connected, with the ADCON RTU network routing such data from station to station back to base. Every 15 minutes aggregates are relayed back to one of several base stations, strategically distributed within the supply area, and connected to the main servers at FWF's headquarters. Through a direct link data can automatically be uploaded to the SCADA system, having largely reduced time and effort needed to train staff.

In parallel FWF also employs ADCON’s addVANTAGE Pro software to provide better services to its customers. Through their own usernames and passwords large customers can access their consumption profiles to not only check the billing and performance of FWF, but to also detect abnormalities and leaks in their own segment of pipeline, beyond the distributor's bulk meter.

ADCON devices deployed in the project:

Case Study Summary

AMR - Automatic meter reading

Franconia, Germany

Products deployed

A850 Telemetry Gateway
A753 addWAVE UHF

Participating Organizations
Fernwasserversorgung Franken (FWF)

Parameters recorded
Water Flow
Pipeline pressure

Participating Consultant/Integrator
Pfenning Elektroanlagen GmbH

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