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Projects - References

Reference Project Mexico

The National Mexican Weather Station Network with more than 1200 ADCON stations for yield prediction and disease advice, frost warning

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Reference Project Kempten, Germany

Transmission of Groundwater data at several measurement sites in the dam body of two reservoirs to one control room. Use of a mix UHF and GPRS transmission ways.

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Reference Project Greece

The telemetric rainfall network in Athens measures the intensity of rainfall and its duration at special critical points.

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Reference Project Bulgaria

The GPRS based agrometeorological system in whole Bulgaria is used for rational utilization of natural resources and pesticides formulations.

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Reference Project Thermaikos Gulf

Telemetry transfer of the measurements of a network for water quality measurement using GPRS technology and power supply with solar panels.

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Reference Project Franconia, Germany

A network of 570 ADCON wireless telemetry stations has been buildt in Franconia (Germany) for automatic meter reading.

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ADCON Smart Wireless Solution