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ADCON in its present form was established in October 2003. Branch office Austria  is located in Vienna, the capital of Austria. This is where the R&D Team of ADCON designs and develops digital radios for data transfer, based on UHF and GSM/GPRS technology.


In April 2011 the ADCON Telemetry Group was purchased in its entirety by the OTT Hydromet Group, based in Kempten, Germany. This has largely improved our standing in the market, as now being part of a group of companies specialised on providing monitoring and decision support solutions for the Meteorological, Hydrological and Agricultural market.

ADCON focuses on telemetry solutions, based on its own ultra low-power radio technology and GSM/GPRS/UMTS modems, both being integrated into our own range of loggers.
What makes the ADCON solution unique is a range of unrivaled product features:

  • unsurpassed user friendliness of its whole product line
  • extremely low power consumption, using the smallest solar panels in the industry.
  • extremely high receiver sensitivity, resulting in very high transmission distances,
  • the networking capability of each long-range station, which can at the same time function as relay for others,
  • the integration of all of these devices into one Telemetry Gateway, that can manage all of them,
  • a powerful SCADA software, collecting, distributing, storing, processing and visualizing all of this data.

With all these features in place ADCON has gained a very strong position in many countries, being the market leader particularly in agricultural applications.