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Best radios around

ADCON has focused on building compact and robust devices, which are extremely simple to install and operate, and excel thanks to their superior hardware technology.
Our target is building networks that cover huge areas, be it a large farm, the distribution network of a drinking water supplier, a province, a state or even an entire country. To achieve this target we have developed a series of data loggers, that cover all applications and all areas.

Powerful software package addVANTAGE Pro
At the same time as supplying excellent hardware products we would like to provide our customers with a convenient and powerful software tool that lets them visualize the data we deliver comprehensibly, process it easily and distribute it back to their customers via the Internet.

We build what our customers want
That's why we permanently stay in touch with our clients and their clients, to understand the problems that need a solution. We believe in market driven development, where the client defines the job he wants done - but where Adcon defines how it's been done.

Strong R&D Team
Consistent, ongoing research and development, in which we invest a high percentage of our turnover, will help us maintain our lead!