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Antenne 430-470 MHz TNC f. A440, A733

This robust antenna is supplied with all our 500mW UHF RTUs. It provides excellent transmission quality as it is tailor made for the groundplane our aluminum boxes offer.

The antenna is made of coated steel and is rigid to always maintain a perfectly vertical polarisation. The TNC connector at the bottom is equipped with an internal O-ring to provide IP67 protection against water ingress through the core of the TNC connector
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Frequenzbereich 430 ... 470 MHz
Gewinn isotropisch auf allen Bändern 2dBi
verglichen mit 1/4-Welle auf allen Bändern 0dB
Polarisation vertikal
Pattern Rundstrahler
Impedanz 50Ohm
Max. Eingangsleistung 10W
Abmessungen (Länge x Durchmesser) 221 x 20mm
Gewicht 0,25kg
Betriebstemperatur -40°C ... + 80°C
Material Stahl, starr; beschichtet
Farbe schwarz
Montage auf Adcon RTUs mit TNC-Stecker
Stecker TNC
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