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Antenna TNC 430-470 MHz inc. mounting bracket and 6m cable

Mounting kit for UHF antenna with TNC connector, incl. cable and all accessories.

TNC Antenna jack f/f

To mount external antennas on mounting brackets or protective cases

Steel Sinter Cap for ADCON TR1

Extra rugged protection for TR1 sensor elements

Wall mounting kit for A73x and A75x

Complete mounting kit for the aluminum case of the A73x and A75x

Antenna GSM Quad Band TNC, IP-66, rigid

Highly efficient rigid quad band antenna, tailor made for ADCON RTUs.

Directional GSM 900/1800/1900 TNC, IP66, Mast mount

To improve transmission and reception in areas with bad GSM signal

Real Time Clock for A850

Guarantees automatic startup of A850 and continued operation after complete power failure.

Antenna 430-470 MHz TNC f. A440, A733

The standard antenna for all Adcon UHF RTUs with 500mW output power

Lightning rod for Wind sensor cross arm

Lightning rod for mounting bracket of Pro 10 Sensor set

Pole Pounder

Protects the top end of your poles

Adapter for Professional Rain Gauge

To mount the ADCON Professional Rain Gauge onto a 40mm pole.

Adapter G1/4" in > G1/2" out

To install G1/4" threaded manometers in G1/2" threaded pressure collets.

Adapter G1/4" in > 18 NPT out

To install G1/4" threaded manometers in 18 NPT threaded pressure collets.

CAN-Cable 4pin to connect A440 to A840 / A850

Connects A840/A850 Telemetry Gateway to A440 Wireless Modem.

Water meter cable: 7pin male - open ends: 5, 10, 15, 20m

Cables in various lengths to connect water meters to an ADCON RTU

7pin-7pin Extension Cords: 2m, 4m, 8m

A variety of extension cords for ADCON RTUs and sensors

5pin-5pin Extension Cord 10m

To mount solar panel or mains adapter in a distance from the RTU

A511 7-pin to 5-pin adapter cable

Connect your ADCON SDI-12 sensors to your A511 Sensor Testbox!

A908 Step-Up Converter

Step-Up Converter for sensor excitation: enhances RTU's battery voltage by a factor of 1.5

A922 Power Adapter

Power adapter for industrial applications with 12V or 24VDC supply

A553 Digital Port Extender

Each A553 adds 14 digital I/Os to a Series 4 RTU (A753, A723)

A502 Signal converter 4-20mA -> 0-2.5V

Most ADCON RTU's require voltage input signals. Most industrial installations supply mA-signals. Therefore: A502!

10m Aluminum Pole Set

Light-weight telescopic aluminum pole for professional weather stations

115V AC US Power Supply for A72x, A73x, A75x

Versatile, reliable power supply for 115V AC with US Type A connector

230V AC UK Power Supply for A72x, A73x, A75x

Versatile, reliable power supply for 230V AC with UK Type G connector

240V AC Australian Power Supply for A72x, A73x, A75x

Versatile, reliable power supply for 240V AC with Australian Type I connector

100 - 240V Power Supply for A72x, A73x, A75x

Versatile, reliable power supply for 100-240V AC, various connectors available

ACS110 Charger for ADCON Battery Packs

The ADCON ACS-110 Charger is the ideal device to charge all ADCON NiMH and NiCd batteries with capacities of up to 7000 mAh.

Protection Cap for male Binder connectors

Keeps male Binder Connectors clear of dirt and moisture

Battery Pack NiMH 4500mAh for A850

Industry-grade NiMH battery, for environmental applications

A902 1/2/3 Adaptor Cable

7-pin 1/2/3 Adaptor to connect multiple analog sensors to one RTU port

Y-Cable 5 pin

5-pin Y-cable, for dual solar panel solutions

Antenna GSM Quadband incl. mounting bracket and 5m cable

Whenever you need to mount the antenna a few meters away from your GPRS RTU

Y-Cable 7-pin

7-pin Y-cable to connect 2 sensors to one I/O port

A503 I/O-Tester for A723, A733, A753

The A503 provides fast and accurate diagnostics for all ports of your RTU - in the field and in the lab.

LED-Tool for ADCON RTU’s

LED Tool to check your RTUs connection and battery status

A910 Solar Panel Tester

All ADCON solar panels of A723, A733 and A75x RTU's can be tested quickly and reliably.

A511 Sensor Testbox

The tool of choice for your daily maintenance work: tests all your sensors and solar panels.