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10m Aluminum Pole Set

The ADCON 10m telescopic pole set is a light weight pole made of aluminum, designed especially for professional meteorological weather stations. Its robust construction with multiple guy wiring sustains wind speeds of up to 60m/s.

The pole consists of 6 aluminum tubes with 2mm wall strength and varying diameters, starting with a 70mm and ending with a 45mm tube, capped
at the end. Each tube is secured in its place by an extremely strong T-bolt clamp.

To secure the pole against wind and lightning a guy wire kit as shown in the technical drawing, and a lightning protection kit, consisting of a lightning rod, mounted at the top of the pole, a grounding spike and an adequately dimensioned grounding wire, are also available.

For easy take-down and maintenance a foldable base is a recommendable accessory.
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