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115V AC US Power Supply for A72x, A73x, A75x

This switch mode power supply typically delivers a 6W output and features a wide range input (100-240V), while maintaining small size and light weight.

Output power is fixed with a tolerance of + 3% to 9V DC at 300mA to prevent excessive power input on your ADCON RTU (must not exceed 10VDC at power port). Primary connection is to a standard wall outlet (see below for details), while the secondary cable connection to your ADCON RTU is provided through a 6m cable, featuring a 5-pin M9 Binder connector, as matches all power connectors on ADCON RTUs (except A740 addNODE).

The primary connector of this unit is a two-pole Type A connector, according to the US NEMA-1 standard. It will fit all US type A outlets, and can be used in many other countries, like Canada, Mexico, many South American countries, Japan and Taiwan. If you need primary connectors for other countries (Europe, UK, Australia) check tab "Ordering Information" and see related articles.

This unit is not meant for unprotected outdoor use!
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Test Standards:

  • EN 60950
  • UL 1310
  • EN 61000-6-1
  • EN 55022
  • EN 55011
  • EN 55014-1
  • EN 61204-3
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Dimensions in mm 95 x 42 x 29,5 LxBxH
Input Parameters:
Voltage in VAC 100 ... 264
Current in mA 3 ... 175; typ. 145
Frequency in Hz 47 ... 63; typ. 50
Efficiency in % 65 ... 80
Operating temperature -5°C ... +40°C
Output parameters:
Voltage in VDC 8 ... 9; typ. 9
Voltage tolerance 3%
Current max. 300mA
Ripple voltage max. 50mV
Cable length 5m
Connector secondary Binder M9 m 5-polig
Connector primary Type A
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