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A503 I/O-Tester for A723, A733, A753

When a measuring system delivers erroneous data, the service man is always confronted with the same problem: to detect where the problem really lies - in the sensor or the logger? The A503 RTU Interface Tester remedies this problem.

Analog input testing:
The A503 Interface Tester generates three different, but well defined analog signals (0,625V on pin 1, 1,25V on pin 2 and 1,875 on pin 3), which allows fast and reliable diagnosis of an RTU's analog inputs. If the values measured by the RTU are identical with the signals generated by the A503, then the RTU's built-in analog / digital converter operates properly. When the device is being activated by the RTU, the green LED will light up to indicate that the above mentioned analog signals are being generated.

Pulse input testing:
To test the pulse counter on your RTU's 7-pin ports the A503 will continuously generate pulses, with a spacing of a few seconds between pulses.

Testing digital I/O ports:
If the digital pin on your RTU's 7-pin port is set as input the A503 will pull the pin down to ground and simulate a closed contact. If the digital pin on your 7-pin connector is used as output a red LED will indicate the proper operability of this pin.

The A503 Interface Tester plugs into any 7-pin port of an A72x, A73x and A75x RTU. A simple RTU command allows to directly read-out the sensor signal. Comparing the returned value with the reference signal generated determines if the RTU functions properly.
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