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A553 Digital Port Extender

The ADCON A553 was built for industrial applications, which require lots and lots of digital in- and outputs, to monitor equipment, and to switch devices on and off. Each A553 adds 7 digital inputs and 7 digital outputs to a Series 4 RTU. It communicates via the digital pin on each 7-pin connector of an RTU. One such device can be connected per Port. Up to 4 devices can be connected to an A753 RTU, adding 52 digital ports, while one can be added to the A723.

Please note: when connecting an A553 to I/O Port A, which also provides SDI-12 functionality through the digital pin, you will loose this functionality.

To operate the A553 your RTUs need to run firmware version 2.3.5 or higher. On the A850 Telemetry Gateway firmware 2.1.4 or higher is required.

The A553 Port Extender comes in a plastic box for DIN rail mounting. A cable to connect it to an ADCON RTU, featuring a 7-pin Binder connector, is included. It needs to be connected to a 24V power source, available within the electrical cabinet.
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Supply Voltage min: 5.5 V
typ: 24V
max: 28V
Supply Current (idle) typ. 10 mA
Output Current (per output) max. 50mA
Output Voltage (high) typ. 24V
Output Voltage (low) max. 0,5V
Input Voltage (high) min: 18 V
typ: 24V
max: 28V
Input Voltage (low) min: 0
max: 15V
Input status change minimum signal duration (for DPE) typ. 2s
Input resistance typ. 12.2 kOhm
Operating temperature -30 °C ... +60°C
Dimensions in mm 111 x 75 x 50 LxWxD
Weight 143g
Material Polycarbonate, green
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