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A922 Power Adapter

The ADCON A922 Power Adapter was built for customers, who cannot work with solar panels or mains adpaters as power source, be it that the RTU is installed in an area which does not provide enough sunshine, be it that the RTU is inside an electrical control cabinet, where a power source is readily available.

It is fundamental that an ADCON RTU is not powered with excessive voltages, going beyond 10VDC. Therefore A922 has an output voltage  stabilized at 9VDC, no matter what the input voltage is.

A922 is typically mounted onto the DIN rail of an electrical cabinet. Wiring is done through standard spring loaded cage clamps, which provide solid contacts without the problems inherent to screw terminals.

In terms of power consumption A922 is an extremely efficient device, which also allows the usage of batteries, such as standard 12V lead-acid batteries, without excessively discharging the battery through its step-down converter. In this case the device needs to be put inside a protective enclosure, as it provides no environmental protection.
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Operating temperature -40°C ... +85°C
Storage temperature -40°C ... +85°C
rel. Humidity, non-condensing 10% ... 95%
Input Voltage 9VDC ... 28VDC
Output Voltage typ. 9VDC
Input Current @ 12V (quiescent mode) typ. 0,06mA
Output Current max. 270mA
Dimensions in mm 65 x 65 x 50 LxWxD
Weight 100g
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