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ACS110 Charger for ADCON Battery Packs

The charger automatically detects the chemistry and the status of each battery within seconds, and selects the charging power and strategy suited best for the resp. battery. A push button provides a controlled refresh cycle, slowly discharging the battery and then fully recharging it again, thus eliminating the negative consequences of memory effect.

The device features a connector to plug into the internal batteries of ADCON's A72x, A73x and A75x RTU's. An optional adapter allows to connect batteries used with (the now obsolete) A730MD and A730SD devices. A 5-pin adapter cable with an integrated circuit that protects against excessive voltage but allows charging of batteries without opening the RTU, is also included.
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Specifically when charging batteries with solar panels an optimum charge and discharge cycle can usually not be maintained, as is the case with most outdoor equipment. Over time memory effects can develop some negative effects reducing the batteries capacity.

It is thus recommended to recondition batteries at least once a year. A reconditioning cycle will fully discharge and charge your battery at a slow pace. Repeat this cycle 2 to 3 times if your batteries are 2-3 years or older. This will help to extend the lifetime of your batteries and to bring them back to full charge.

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Dimensions 115 x 62 x 45mm (without primary power connector)
Weight 273g (300g w/ adapter cable)
Primary input 100V - 240V, 50/60Hz 17VA 400mA
Secondary output 1,45 ... 14,5V; with adapter cable max. 10V
Connectors 1 x 2-pin JST m. to Adcon batteries
1 x 5-pin M9 m. to Adcon RTUs
Primary power jack Interchangeable: European, UK, US, Australian
4 LED Indicators Yellow: Discharge
Green: Charge terminated
2 x Red: Charging & Power
Cable length 175cm
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