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Antenna TNC 430-470 MHz inc. mounting bracket and 6m cable

For all those installations, where the UHF RTU needs to go inside a building, a protective enclosure, be put out of place to prevent vandalism, or simple to extend the transmission range,  and therefore the antenna needs to be mounted separately, you can use this external antenna mounting kit.

This kit comes complete with a mast mounting bracket, a 2dBi gain antenna and 6m or 10m of low-attenuation antenna cable with a TNC connector mounted, perfectly matching the TNC connector on your RTU.
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Frequency range 430 - 470 MHz
Gain isotropic on all bands 2dBi
Compared to 1/4 wave on all bands 0dB
Polarisation Vertical
Pattern Omni-Directional
Impedance 50 Ohm
Max. input power 10W
Dimensions (Height x Diameter) 221 x 20mm
Weight 0,4kg
Operating temperature -40°C ... + 80°C
Material Steel
Colour Black
Mounting on Poles with bracket
bracket height 135mm, offset 180mm
Cable Type Low-Attenuation URM76 Coax
Cable length 6m or 10m (please specify when ordering)
Connector TNC
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