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Battery Pack NiMH 4500mAh for A850

This NiMH battery pack of industrial quality is built of cells by japanese manufacturer Panasonic. It is tailor-made for the ADCON A850 Telemetry Gateway, which it will keep working in cases of power failures for several hours (depends on number of RTUs that need to be polled).

Since the battery in a Gateway is only activated in case of black-outs the battery is subjected to permanent charge and very little discharge. This will over time reduce the batteries capacity to bridge power-outs. We recommend to replace the battery the latest after 5 years. When replacing batteries please dispose of them properly!
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Chemistry Nickel-Metal Hydride
Dimensions 72 x 67 x 35mm LxWxH
Weight 441g
Assembly 7 cells in heat-shrink tube
Nominal Voltage 8,4V
Discharge Capacity Average 4500mAh
Discharge Capacity Minimum 4200mAh
Cable 11cm
Connector 2-pin JST Adcon compatible
Compatibility A850 Telemetry Gateway
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