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Directional GSM Antenna TriBand TNC, IP66, Mast mount

Sometimes there just isn't enough signal strength to get reliable GSM/GPRS communication going. You can give it a try with this directional 6dBi gain antenna. Make sure to point the antenna directly towards the GSM tower that you want to talk to, as the emission pattern of a directional antenna is very narrow.

This kit comes complete with a mast mounting bracket, a 6dBi gain antenna and 50cm of low-attenuation antenna cable with a TNC connector mounted, perfectly matching the TNC connector on your RTU. This antenna is meant to be mounted right on top of your RTU. Make sure to buy the proper version, if you intend to run the RTU on the original GSM frequency of 800 or 900MHz!

Thes antenna also supports UMTS frequencies in the 2.1GHz range.
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