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Foldable base, galvanized steel, for 10m pole set

Doing maintenance work on a synoptic station with a 10m mast is hard work, as taking down a 10m mast isn't easy. This rugged foldable base helps to make this job a lot quicker and much more convenient.

Built of galvanized steel its lower part is meant to be cemented into a solid concrete block (see image 2), providing sufficient stability. The upper part, holding poles with a diameter of up 80mm, folds down in a 90° angle.

When installing the ADCON 10m pole set we highly recommend to also order a centering collar (see image 3). This device is made of aluminum with a 5mm wall strength and fits inside the upper tube of the foldable base, not giving the pole any slack to move.
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Length overall 109,00 cm
Length top 57,50 cm
Length bottom 49,00 cm
Dimensions Plate 23 x 20 cm
Weight 15,8kg
Diameter Outer: 90 mm
Inner: 84 mm
Material Steel, galvanized
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