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Solar Set 260mA, 9VDC, 2.4W

The 260mA version of our solar panels was especially designed for the 2Ah batteries in our 10mW RTUs A723 and A724. In areas with extreme sunshine, like Australia, the Middle East, or equatorial countries, these panels can also be used to power our 500mW series of RTUs.

For this panel we use poly-crystalline cells. Like all of our panels it is built in in dual shingle string technology, ensuring far better efficiency than that of other solar cells of comparable size, not to mention thin-film-amorphous or CIS solar panels, which need to be two to four times larger to provide the same output.

This panel is only about the size of a post card and hardly ever subject to vandalism or theft.
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Voltage 9,6V
Current 260mA
Power 2,15W
Length x Width 125 x 145mm / 4.9 x 5.7 in.
Weight 246g
Connector 5pin M9 male Binder
Cable length 50cm / 20in.
Mounting bracket for 40mm pole sets
Pipe Clamp Stainless steel W4, 32-50mm
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