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Solar Set 540mA, 9VDC, 5.1W

The newly introduced monocristalline cells made by Bosch, Germany, have boosted the output power of this solar panel from the previous 460mA to 540mA - without increasing the panels dimensions. The efficiency rating has gone up from 16% to a stunning 19% - that is absolutely top of class. These highly efficient mono cristalline cells are mounted in so-called "shingle technology", which makes best use of the available space as it eliminates unused spaces between the individual elements of the cell, and thus allows creation of extremely small, but highly efficient panels.

The panel is mounted on an aluminum base plate, embedded in elastic polymer and protected by a robust, transparent polycarbonate cover. The angle of the panel provides optimum run-off speed for rain, providing a self-cleaning effect, and lets snow slide off. For areas near the equator we can provide panels with a lesser angle. A mast mounting bracket is integrated, a pipe clamp provided.

The panel connects to your ADCON RTU by means of a 50cm cable with a male 5-pin Binder connector.
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Materials used Mono-cristalline solar cells, 19% efficiency
Aluminum base plate
Polycarbonate front cover
Electrical characteristics:
Uoc ~ 11,2V
Umpp ~ 9,4V
lsc 578mA
lmpp 540mA
Ppeak 5,11W (±3%)
Dimensions 210 x 164mm ( 8.2 x 6.5 in)
Weight 440g (1lb)
Cable and connector 60cm PUR cable with male 5-pin Binder connector
Mounting bracket for pole sets with diameter of appr. 40mm
Pipe clamp stainless steel, class W4, 32-50mm
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