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Steel Sinter Cap for ADCON TR1

In many cases a TR1 temperature/humidity sensor is exposed to extreme levels of dirt, dust and sometimes mechanical stress, which conventional filters will not be fit to survive. In these cases this extra rugged steel sinter filter will do the job.

It will keep all particles down to 10µm away from the sensor elements and will withstand even harsh treatment of the sensor tip, eg. when being deployed inside a grain silo or other bulk material.

It's a perfect choice for applications like chicken barns, which tend to erode traditional sensor elements due their high loads of ammonia in the very dusty environment. The sinter cap is also suitable for all kinds of drying processes, which frequently stir up large amounts of dust, settling on the sensor elements and compromising their accuracy and lifetime.

The sinter cap is an easy drop-in replacement for the standard mesh filter found on the ADCON TR1 combi sensor.
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Material stainless steel
Pore size 10µm
Length 33mm / 1.3"
Diameter 12mm / 0.47"
Weight 9g. / 0.28 oz.
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