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Water meter cable: 7pin male - open ends: 5, 10, 15, 20m

These cables are custom made to allow the easy connection of a water meter with pulse output (reed switch) to an ADCON RTU. While the RTU side features a male 7-pin Binder connector, the meter side is professionally prepared to only show the two proper leads required to guide the pulse output onto the proper pins of the ADCON RTU. All other strands of the 7-wire cable are properly cut and shielded to avoid any "ghost signals" on the other inputs (analog and digital) of the RTU.

It is extremely important to stress the fact that these cables are shielded to provide proper protection against static charges that might negatively effect the readings or even destroy the RTU or sensor.

The connector is rated IP-67, provided it is solidly tightened to the RTU jack. A robust PUR sheath provides UV protection and makes sure the cable maintains its flexibility and integrity over extended periods of times.
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