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Base Stations

The Telemetry Gateway is the core of every ADCON monitoring network, be it a pure GSM / GPRS network, a UHF radio network or a combination of both - it's the Telemetry Gateway that knows exactly when and how to retrieve data from each RTU.

A850 – 2020 Telemetry Gateway

The Core

The core of your monitoring network - the A850 Telemetry Gateway. Manages large networks of UHF, GSM and GPRS RTUs automatically.

  • Base Station for Adcon Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Manages up to 1000 Adcon RTUs, easy to operate via graphical user interface, integrated uninterruptible power supply (max. 5h), New 16 GB data memory on SD Card, where 1 GB data memory is sufficient for 200 stations for 4 weeks, embedded Linux OS.
  • Connects seamlessly into Ethernet networks
  • 1x USB; 1x 100MBit Ethernet; 1x RS-232; 1x RS-485 (to A440 Wireless Modem)

RA440 - Remote A440

RA440 - Remote A440

For all those remote areas where you don't have GSM coverage, and where you can't put a Base Station near your UHF RTU's!

  • Remote Wireless Modem
  • IP-67; Build a remote UHF network, uplink to A850 via GPRS / 3G; 20km range on UHF and even beyond depending on installation
  • Uplink to A850 via GPRS, 3G and Radio communication (430-470MHz), 500mW