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RA440 - Remote A440

RA440 - Remote A440

The RA440 bridges UHF RTUs to the GPRS network. It incorporates therefore two radio modems: the same 500mW UHF radio found in our A733 addWAVE RTU, and the same Motorola Quad-Band GPRS modem used in our A753 GSM RTU. That's why you see on the image of the device 2 antennas!

  • Remote Wireless Modem
  • IP-67; Build a remote UHF network, uplink to A850 via GPRS / 3G; 20km range on UHF and even beyond depending on installation
  • Uplink to A850 via GPRS, 3G and Radio communication (430-470MHz), 500mW
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And that's also why we call it the "Remote A440" - in contrast to the regular A440, which is connected to the A850 Telemetry Gateway by means of a cable, the RA440 connects to the A850 Gateway by GPRS.

If you need to collect data from a remote area which is not covered by GSM, and if you have no place with mains power and internet or phone connection nearby to install an A850 Telemetry Gateway, then you put up an RA440 in the nearest area which has GSM/GPRS coverage, and from here you reach out to the radio RTU by UHF.

Power comes from a standard solar panel, charging the internal battery. To make it easier to hold spare parts the RA440 uses the same NiMH batteries as the A733 / A753 series of RTUs. If you need lots of power for frequent communication you can furthermore put a second battery pack inside the RTU, and also connect a standard 12V battery to its external power port.

The device comes with two antennas, a GSM antenna to be connected directly to the case, and an external antenna kit for UHF communication. Please do NOT connect both antennas to the RA440 directly! Since the RA440 communicates in parallel by GSM and by UHF the two antennas would create too much interference and therefore block each other.

What's even better is the fact that you can upgrade your A850 Telemetry Gateway to talk to not only one A440 or RA440, but to up to ten! That will let you build a local UHF network around the A850 in your office, and up to 9 UHF subnetworks anywhere in the world - as long as the RA440 has good GPRS connection!

Leaflet - RA440 Remote Wireless Modem
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Case Aluminum, powder coated; Made in Germany
Protection type IP-67
Dimensions & weight 227 x 168 x 117 mm (8.9 x 6.6 x 4.6 inch)
2900g (6.4 lbs) - case only
3308g (7.3 lbs) - case including antennas
Connector to Solar Panel Made in Germany by Binder; IP-67 rated
1 x M9 female 5-pin with dust cap
Connector to DC Power Source Made in France by Souriau; IP-67 rated
1 x UTS HiSeal Bayonet male 2-pin. with 2-pin
Antenna connector 2 x TNC, water tight , Made in Germany
Mounting 2 x Mast mounting brackets, integrated
Operating temperature -20°C ... +65°C
-30°C ... +75°C extended range upon request
Data Transmission - GPRS:
Frequency range 900 & 1800 MHz (Europe) and
850 & 1900 MHz (Americas)
3 UMTS frequencies optional
Modem Telit G24
Telit H24 optional
SIM Card small footprint
Security SIM cards are PIN code protected
Connection type GPRS
UMTS: optional with H24 modem
Antenna Omni directional quad band
Data Transmission - UHF:
Tx Output Power: 500mW
Rx Sensitivity -120dBm (10 dB S/N)
Frequency range 430 - 470MHz (in bands of 10MHz)
Channel Spacing 10 / 12.5 / 25 kHz (factory preset)
Antenna Omni directional, rigid, 3dB gain, incl. mast mounting bracket and 6m of cable
Number of radio RTU's supported 15 - 20; depends on various factors: number of sensors per station, slot time and polling time
Power Supply 1 or 2 internal 6.2V batteries, charged by solar panel; Optional: external 12V DC power source, e.g. car battery
Internal Battery Panasonic high-temperature industrial grade NiMH battery, 3.300mAh
Approvals FCC, R&TTE, CE, Industry Canada, ACMA  Australia
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