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A440 Wireless Modem

A440 Wireless Modem

  • Wireless modem
  • IP-67; 20km range and even beyond depending on installation
  • Radio communication (430-470MHz), 500mW

To communicate with ADCON's UHF RTUs the A440 employs the same 500mW radio modem as is also being used in our long range units A731, A732 and A733. By default the A440 is meant to be mounted in an elevated location, for example on the roof of the building where the A850 is installed.

With proper installation distances of up to 20km can be achieved. Please make sure that installation is done with proper grounding of both components, A850 and A440. Consult an expert technician to make sure that all guidelines and recommendations for lightning protection are observed!

A440 is available in four different frequency bands, each covering 10MHz. Please make sure to order the correct frequency range according to your local regulations.





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Dimensions 119 x 79x 60 mm
Weight 590g
Connectors 1 x RS-485 to connect to A850
1 x TNC to antenna
IP Protection IP-67
Power Supply via the RS-485 connection to the A850 Telemetry Gateway
Mounting Mast mounting bracket
Operating Temperature -30°C ... +60°C
Tx Output power 500mW e.r.p.
Rx Sensitivity -120dBm (10 dB S/N)
Channel spacing 10 / 12.5 / 25 kHz (factory preset)
Antenna Omni-directional, 0dB
Antenna connector TNC with external seal
Frequencies 430 ... 470MHz (in 4 bands of 10MHz each)
Approvals R&TTE, CE, FCC, Industry Canada, ACMA Australia
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