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A724 addSWITCH

A724 addSWITCH Series 4 Valve Controller


Opening and closing irrigation valves, starting and stopping other devices remotely is exactly what the A724 addSWITCH Series 4 was designed to do. You no longer need to go on site to activate that latching solenoid - sending a simple radio command to your addSWITCH will do the job!

  • Remote Transmission Unit
  • IP-67; Ultra low power design; Wireless remote irrigation control for up to four latching solenoids; 1km radio range
  • Radio communication (432-470MHz), 10mW
  • 1 analog 0 … 1/2,5VDC; 4 pulse counter (4x 30Hz counters); 4 latching solenoids (voltage programmable 5,5 … 15VDC)

addSWITCH supports a large variety of latching solenoids from most manufacturers, and can be programmed to output the right voltage for most commercially available solenoids.

But our customers not only want to open and close valves (four per addSWITCH), they also want to monitor the flow in their irrigation system. Therefore an A724 addSWITCH can also be connected to 4 pulse counters - which might be irrigation rain gauges directly monitoring the output of a drip line, or water meters, determining the volume of water flowing through a section of your irrigation system. Furthermore an analog sensor with a 0-2.5V output can also be connected, which allows e.g. a manometer to be connected in order to keep an eye on pipeline pressure.

The A724 addSWITCH Series 4 is an extremely robust RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) with an integrated 10 mW radio module. It is fully compatible with all other members of the ADCON UHF radio family, be that the A733 addWAVE, the A740 addNODE or the A731 addRELAY. It can thus easily be integrated into existing ADCON networks, offering transmission distances of up to 1.000m.

Its extremely low energy consumption allows for permanent solar powered operation. Its internal battery pack powers the radio and the logger and charges the capacitors needed to activate latching solenoids with up to 15VDC.

Valve Operation
An addSWITCH can operate 4 latching solenoids, supplying them with 5.5 to 15V DC (programmable). It features a 6-pin Switchcraft connector to connect to the solenoids.

What happens if my OFF signal gets lost?
That's a major concern for most growers! With the addSWITCH lost OFF commands are a thing of the past. The ON commands issued by the Adcon addTIMER software also contain the runtime information, which will make the addSWITCH shut off the valves automatically after the desired runtime - WITHOUT the need to send an OFF command!
 However, should you want to end an irrigation shift prior to the preset runtime you can certainly do so by transmitting a separate OFF command - just click on the STOP button in the addTIMER!

Meter Reading and Irrigation Gauges
In addition to operating solenoids A724 Series 4 also features four pulse counters. This enables you to attach four water meters, or four irrigation gauges, or a mix thereof. This will provide you with additional information if your irrigation system performs correctly.

Just like all other ADCON RTU's the A724 addSWITCH contains all major components - data logger, solenoid switch, radio, power supply - in a single, compact IP-67 rated aluminum enclosure, thus making separate external enclosures obsolete. Installation in the field becomes a very straightforward procedure - fix it to the pole, connect the solar cell and the sensors - done!

Irrigation: The A724 addSWITCH is mainly used in agriculture to control valves and pumps.
Wind Machines: many wind machines installed for frost protection feature a motor that can also be started by means of a latching solenoid.
Water Management: while most reservoirs are filled based on their level it might be a smart idea to start the pump and fill it when the energy rates are low!

As an extension to addVANTAGE Professional 5.3 and higher the addTIMER lets you conveniently open and close your valves from your desktop, through the internet, and from anywhere in the world. Define as many irrigation programs as you like, define shifts according to your pump capacity and water supply, your crop or you pipeline pressure. Adjust shifts with a seasonal correction factor that lets you simply extend irrigation duration without having to change each runtime manually.

Leaflet - A724 addswitch Series4
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Case Aluminum, powder coated
Dimensions 119 x 79x 60 mm / 4,7 x 3,1 x 2,4 inch
Weight 680g / 1,5 lb
Protection Type IP-67
Connectors 1 x Switchcraft 6-pin female to solenoids
1 x Binder M9 7-pin female to pulse counters and analog port
1 x Binder M9 5-pin female to solar panel / power source
Mounting Mast mounting bracket, ideal for 40mm pole sets
Operating temperature -30°C ... +70°C / -22°F ... +158°F
Accessories supplied 1 x 50cm cable Switchcraft connector for 4 solenoids
1 x 32-50mm cable clamp to mount RTU to pole
Power Supply Internal 6.2V NiMH battery, 2.1Ah, charged by solar panel or mains adaptor
4 Valve outputs: To operate latching solenoids with DC voltages from 5.5V to 15VDC
4 Counter inputs: For standard reed switches as used e.g. in rain gauges or water meters with up to 30 pulses per second, min. pulse length 17ms, min. break time 17ms
1 Analog input: To connect one single ended analog sensor, 0-2.5V output signal, output provides sensor excitation with battery voltage
Memory 16KB for up to 10.000 values
Data transmission:
Transmission Distance max. 1.000 m / 3.000 ft., depending on topography
Tx Output Power 10mW
Rx Sensitivity -110dBm
Operating frequency 432 - 470MHz
Antenna omnidirectional; flexible
Approvals R&TTE, CE, FCC, Industry Canada, ACMA Australia
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