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Sensors for Agro-Meteorology, Hydrology and Environmental Observation. Best-in-class sensor solutions for the reliable measurement of various parameters.

TR1 Combisensor Temperature / rel. Humidity

Combi Sensor "Standard"

Extremely accurate and robust combi-sensor for air temperature and relative humidity

TR2 Combisensor Temperature/rel.Humidity SDI-12

Combi Sensor "Professional"

Unsurpassed accuracy for highly professional applications!

RG1 Rain Gauge, 200cm², 0.2mm


Brand new design, fully made of aluminum: accurate, robust, with a long service life

RG Pro Rain Gauge

Professional Rain Gauge, 0.1 & 0.2mm, 200cm²

This range of Rain Gauges is unique: extremely robust, accurate, reliable, WMO approved - and yet very economical!

WET Leaf Wetness Sensor

Robust and low-maintenance Leaf Wetness sensor

EnviroPro Precision Soil Probes

Soil moisture and temperature

Fully encapsulated soil sensors for meaningful crop selection,irrigation and fertilisation decision making. Measurement of soil moisture plus temperature monitoring.

ST2 Temperature Sensor for Soil, Water and Snow


The Adcon Soil Temperature Sensor is a robust instrument, built for extreme simplicity in installation and operation.

Wind Sensor Set Vento1

Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Cross Bar

This professional instrument was particularly developed to provide a very cost effective, yet WMO compliant wind sensor.

Wind Sensor Set Pro10/2

Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Cross Bar

This professional instrument was developed to meet WMO requirements. Robust, accurate and yet very affordable.

Wind Speed Pro10

A professional wind speed only sensor at a very attractive price!

Wind Direction Pro10

A professional wind direction only sensor at a very attractive price!

Adcon BP1 Barometric Pressure Sensor

500 - 1500mbar, 0.1-2.5V

Extremely accurate - yet extremely affordable. Swiss made precision in a wind gust proof case.

Adcon TR1 Air Temperature & rel Humidity Sensor

Spare sensor for Adcon's Combi sensor model "Standard"

ADCON TR1 - highly accurate, versatile temperature and humidity sensor for an attractive price

PA-2 Manometer Sensor

Pressure Sensor for Pipelines

Monitoring pressure in water distribution networks and irrigation mainlines