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PA-2 Manometer Sensor

Pressure Sensor for Pipelines

The PA-2 pressure sensor is the ideal choice for monitoring pressure in water distribution networks and irrigation mainlines. It incorporates the very latest techniques for signal processing, automated compensation and adjustment, which ensures unrivalled accuracy over a wide temperature range. The PA-2 is a cost-effective, affordable transmitter that has a specification better than other similarly priced products, and equal to many much more expensive transmitters.

The PA-2 is available in two pressure ranges: 0-10 bar and 0-30bar.

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The sensor is fitted with a 1/4” BSP thread. Adaptors for other pipe standards are available (e.g. NPT). An M12 to 7pin Binder cable connects the sensor to an Adcon RTU.

  • Pipeline pressure
  • Irrigation systems 
  • Tank level
  • Process control
Leaflet - PA-2 Manometer Sensor
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Measuring method piezo-resistive
Measurement ranges 10 and 30 bar (absolute)
Accuracy max. 1% FS (0...50°C); max. 1,5% FS (-10...80°C)
Linearity typ. 0,25% FS, max. 0,5% FS
Overpressure 20 and 60 bar respectively
Electrical data
Output signal 0,1... 2,5VDC
Power Supply 5,5 ... 32VDC
Environmental conditions
Temperature compensated working range 0°C ... 50°
Temperature range -40°C ... +100°C
Protection class IP65/IP67
Lenght x Diameter 59,5mm x 22mm Ø
Manometer thread G 1/4” / NPT
Weight 52 g (without cable)
Material & Cable connection
Material sensor Stainless steel 316L (DIN 1.4435) / Viton / PE
Connector to cable M12 4-pin male
Connector on cable (optional - please order separately) 4-pin M12 female (sensors); 7-pin M9 male Binder (Adcon RTU)
Material cable PUR, shielded
Ordering information
A200733163 ADCON PA-2 manometer 0-10 bar, 1/4" thread
A200733164 ADCON PA-2 manometer 0-30 bar, 1/4" thread
A200733165 ADCON PA-2 manometer 0-10 bar, 18NPT thread
A200733166 Cable 5m for manometer ADCON PA-1/PA-2, M12f / M9m
A200733167 Cable 10m for manometer ADCON PA-1/PA-2 M12f / M9m
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