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EnviroPro Precision Soil Probes

Soil moisture and temperature

EnviroPro® fully encapsulated Soil Probes are precision multi-function and multi-level sub-surface instruments offering continuous reliable and repeatable monitoring of soil moisture, temperature and salinity (EC)*. With salinity and temperature compensated moisture readings, EnviroPro® soil probes provide accurate data for better crop selection and meaningful irrigation and fertiliser decision-making


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  • Sample more soil – EnviroPro® sensors are uniquely designed to have a much larger field of influence than other capacitance probes of similar diameter, providing more meaningful measurements of the local soil.
  • Compensated measurements – All EnviroPro® sensor models compensate salinity and moisture measurements for variations in temperature, as well as compensating moisture measurements for over-read error caused by salinity.
  • *EC UPGRADABLE- ALL probe models utilise salinity compensation techniques for greater accuracy, but only pro models can output salinity metrics. Standard models can be upgraded to enable salinity metrics pre or post purchase and pre or post installation with an upgrade key.
  • Designed to last – EnviroPro® soil probes are long-life instruments that are fully encapsulated to ensure maximum immunity to environmental degradation.
  • Maintenance-free – Each probe is individually calibrated in the factory, so they never need to be re-calibrated in the field. This means life-time sensor to sensor and probe to probe repeatability.
  • 5 year warranty – We’re confident in the quality of our products, and you should be too. All EnviroPro® soil probes come with a 5 year warranty to ensure low cost of ownership and peace of mind.
  • Easy Install / Removal – EnviroPro® installation kits used with recommended bentonite & sand slurry make both install and removal of probes quick and easy
  • Over 20 Years of proven excellence

Applications include turf, trees, flowers, vegetables, citrus, vines, cane fields, grains and dry-land crops, and many other plantations. Other applications include mining, environmental monitoring and scientific research.

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EnviroPro sensitivity (per probe) as a function of sampled volume
Model Total Soil Volume Detected
EnviroPro with 4 Sensors 6.4 litres
EnviroPro with 8 Sensors 12.8 litres
EnviroPro with 12 Sensors 19.2 litres
EnviroPro with 16 Sensors 25.6 litres
Measurement characteristics
Moisture resolution: 0.01%
Salinity resolution: 0.001 dS/m
Temperature resolution: 0.01 °C
Moisture accuracy: +/- 2% @ 0% VWC to 50% VWC (*with respect to dielectric)
Useable salinity range: 0 to 6 dS/m* (*upper limit of non-contact capacitance sensors.)
Salinity accuracy: +/- 5% @ 0-4 dS/m at 10%-30% VWC
Temperature accuracy: +/- 1 °C @ 25 °C
Units of measure
Volumetric Water Content VWC%
Salinity dS/m
Temperature °C or °F
Interface: SDI-12 version 1.3
Electrical characteristics with power consumption within 5,6 to 16VDC:
Model Pro / Lite Sensors 4
Sleep current 0.45 mA max
Idle current 7 mA max
Active current (not sampling) 32 mA max
Active current (sampling) 72 mA max
Active time / sampling time** 380 ms
Model Pro / Lite Sensors 8
Sleep current 0.90 mA max
Idle current 14 mA max
Active current (not sampling) 39 mA max
Active current (sampling) 79 mA max
Active time / sampling time** 760 ms
Model Pro / Lite Sensors 12
Sleep current 1.35 mA max
Idle current 21 mA max
Active current (not sampling) 46 mA max
Active current (sampling) 86 mA max
Active time / sampling time** 1140 ms
Model Pro / Lite Sensors 16
Sleep current 1.80 mA max
Idle current 28 mA max
Active current (not sampling) 53 mA max
Active current (sampling) 93 mA max
Active time / sampling time** 1520 mA max
** measurement sampling time occurs within the active time period
Diameter: 33.5mm +/-0.2mm
Field of influence: 55mm from wall of probe
Cable length: 5m
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