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ST2 Temperature Sensor for Soil, Water and Snow


The ST2 is an extremely rugged, universal temperature sensor for all kinds of media. Now featuring an extended temperature range of up to +60°C it is suitable for a wide range of installation sites, from snow covered mountains to desert sands. It is compatible to all Adcon RTUs since the year 2000.
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For year-round operation in tough environments this sensor is entirely made of stainless steel. Its pt100 temperature sensor is embedded into the beveled tip of a 35cm long spike, that is robust enough to allow installation into softer media by simply sticking the sensor into the ground (don't do this in rocky or extremely dry soils!). A stopper disk allows you to set any desired depth. Should you want to measure close to the surface we recommend horizontal installation to increase stability and reduce the risk of mechanical damage.

A fully sealed amplifier, embedded into the handle of the sensor, converts the sensor elements’ output into a linear voltage signal, compatible to all analog inputs of an Adcon RTU or any other logger with the same characteristics. To protect it from mechanical and rodent damage the first 3m of the attached cable are covered with an extremely robust stainless steel spiral sheath. A 7-pin Binder connector makes for easy connection to your Adcon RTU.

PLEASE NOTE: in contrast to previous versions the ST2 features an extended temperature range, now going up to +60°C rather than the previous +40°C limit. Please select the appropriate driver in your A850 Telemetry Gateway as else signal conversion will be incorrect and too high temperatures will be indicated.

  • Agricultural Weather Stations
  • General Meteorology
  • Growth and yield models
  • Tundra monitoring
  • Observation of skiing slopes
  • Monitoring of marsh- and wetlands
  • and many more
    Leaflet - Temp Sensor Soil, Water
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    Measuring range -20°C ... +60°C (-4°F ... 140°F)
    Accuracy +/- 0.3°C at 0°C
    Measurement depth 30cm (12in) (custom sensors available for any depth from 0-100cm / 0 - 39.4in)
    Sensor Pt 100 / class B
    Supply Voltage 5.5V ... 8V
    Output signal 0 ... 2.5V
    Length overall 45cm (17.7in)
    Material Stainless steel 1.4571
    Protection class IP67
    Cable 5m, shielded, PUR coat; first three meters with stainless steel protection
    Connector 7-pin Binder jack, male
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