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WET Leaf Wetness Sensor

WET The ADCON Leaf Wetness Sensor was developed to provide users with a robust and low-maintenance alternative to the traditional style sensors using sheets of paper or human or animal hair. A grid of conductive tracks, etched onto a Teflon-coated ceramic plate reliably simulates the surface of a leaf and outputs a range of readings between 0 and 10.

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In Adcon’s addVANTAGE Pro software the interpretation of the sensor’s output is based on empirical observation of the behavior of moisture on large-leaved plants. In all disease models currently implemented in addVANTAGE Pro 5.x and 6.x sensor values between 0 and 3 are interpreted as dry, whilevalues from 4 to 10 represent wet. For leaves with particular wetting patterns, or for disease models requiring intermediate steps between wet and dry different sensor drivers can easily be implemented.

  • Agricultural Weather Stations
  • Disease Modelling
Leaflet - Leaf Wetness Sensor
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Dimensions incl. bracket 450 x 90 x 90mm L x W x H
Weight 500 gr.
Materials used Sensor: Teflon coated ceramics
Mounting arm: aluminum with
plastic holders
Protection class IP-66
Operating environment -20°C ... +60°C; 0 ... 100% rh
Measuring Principle capacitive condensation sensor
Output signal 0 ... 2,5 V DC
Repeatability ± 3%
Supply voltage 5.5 ... 12 V DC
Mounting on poles with 40 - 50mm in diameter
Cable and connector 3m cable, 7-pin Binder M9 male
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