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addVANTAGE Professional is ADCON's universal data visualization, processing and distribution platform. It is fully web based, runs on a fast and reliable PostgreSQL database engine, and is fully scalable from a single user version for 5 RTU's to a super server, serving thousands of clients and thousands of RTU's.

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addVANTAGE Pro in short is

  • a browser-based, fully Internet enabled,
  • data visualization,
  • data processing and
  • data distribution platform,
  • offering customizable trends, tables, statistics,
  • alarms and events,
  • disease and irrigation models,
  • for all kinds of environmental and industrial data.

Pro 6 is a powerful yet universal software package to collect, store, process and graphically display data. The inherent flexibility of the software makes it an ideal tool for many applications, for weather and environmental data as much as for hydrographics, for leakage detection, frost warning and pump monitoring to countless other applications. Pro 6 not only displays data graphically, but also as text in a table, informs and/or alarms the user about specific events, provides a number of tools to process the data according to the needs of the clients, be it a simple report, an advanced statistic, or even a complex expert system, such as a disease model for phytophtora in potatoes.
But addVANTAGE Pro 6 does much more: its integrated web server enables its users to get access from anywhere in the world through an internet connection - using nothing else but a common web browser. This makes addVANTAGE Pro 6 the ideal platform for those who not only want to collect, store and visualize data for themselves, but also for others - the ideal solution for "Service-Providers".

There are countless applications for this kind of data providing. Here are just a few:

  • the grape growers association that provides its members with weather data,
  • the water distributor that provides all municipalities with their current consumption profile,
  • the national park that informs its visitors about the current meteorological conditions,
  • the sports club that tells all wind surfers, golf players and hang gliders if it pays to visit their club site.

addVANTAGE Pro 6 is entirely programmed in Java. It runs best on a Windows 7 or 10 server. The addVANTAGE server has a modular structure allowing for virtually unlimited scalability. A Pro 6 server can scale from a single user system up to a large super server, running thousands of stations, servicing tens of thousands of users and running a multitude of extensions in parallel.

All functions through Web Browser
addVANTAGE Pro 6 provides a vast array of features - and every single one is available through the internet and a standard web browser interface. Sure, the software can be installed on a single user PC without web access. But for all those who want to link their Adcon RTU into an existing back bone without running their own base station respectively for all those operating such a back bone, this system offers two distinct advantages:

Advantages for the User
The user, whose Adcon RTU's are part of a network no longer needs to install any software on his PC. High-speed internet access and a standard web browser are sufficient. Going to the web site of the service provider and logging in with Username and password will provide access to the data according to the user's profile. Installing, configuring and updating local software are a thing of the past, and that phrase "have you made a backup recently?" has lost its horrors.

Advantages for the Service Provider
Distributing data to many remote users has never been easier. The addVANTAGE Pro 6 administrator can setup as many single users, user groups and guest accounts as needed, and assign to each of these accounts an individual user profile with varying user rights, giving access to certain RTU's while hiding others, letting one user work with statistics extension and another with the grape powdery mildew model, while the general public gets access to temperature, humidity and rain fall data only. The data provider no longer needs to install updates on every client's machine, and telephone support just got a whole lot easier.
Publish data on any web site

Furthermore addVANTAGE Pro offers several ways of posting data on a website:

  • Any trend graph from within Pro 6 can be declared a "public trend" and can be embedded into any website of your choice. Whenever this website is called up this trend graph will automatically be updated by the addVANTAGE Pro server.

  • Since version 6.1 addVANTAGE Pro supports the "LiveData" Utility. With this utility all the data from a weather station can be embedded into any website or be called up by a cell phone. User name and password are not required. Navigate to the station by Google Maps, look at trends, tables and statistics.

With the addVANTAGE Pro 6.8 release we introduce the new MobileView user interface for easy access to ADCON data from mobile devices. What is new in addVANTAGE Pro 6.8:

  • NEW MobileView add-on available for customized dashboard views in a mobile-optimized web app
  • NEW Table Conversion extension for functions like Stage Discharge curves
  • LiveData 2 now included with standard 6.8 license
  • Database & Security Improvements
    • Updated PostgreSQL database version (v9 to v12) and libraries
    • Updated Tomcat server version (v6 to v9)
    • Updated Java version (v8 to v11) – transition to OpenJDK / Amazon Corretto to avoid license costs associated with newer versions of Java / JDK

Detailed insights into new features:

NEW MobileView web app

We are excited to bring you the newest addition to the ADCON product platform. The MobileView web app delivers ADCON data to clients through mobile-friendly dashboards. As an add-on to addVANTAGE Pro, MobileView allows users to quickly and easily access trends, tables, events, and sensor values from the office or in the field.

MobileView Key Features:

  • Responsive design adjusts the size and layout of data to best fit the viewing device (smartphone/tablet/PC)
  • Modernized look & feel
  • Display multiple existing data view panels from addVANTAGE Pro
    • Trend / Chart (with interactive cursor)
    • Table
    • Event List
    • Last Value of any sensor tag
    • Virtual Instruments
    • Additional widgets to be added with future releases

  • Create multiple dashboards for you and your clients
  • Customize each dashboard view by adjusting the order, size, and layout of widgets
  • Scroll through widgets with a swipe
  • Login-based access to dashboards using addVANTAGE Pro credentials and security settings

The best way to learn more about MobileView is to try it out yourself! We have created a selection of dashboards to demonstrate new features with sample data from multiple applications. Feel free to browse these dashboards from the link below – no login required.

MobileView Demo Dashboards Link

NEW Table Conversion Extension

addVANTAGE Pro 6.8 introduces a new free calculation extension – Table Conversion. This extension allows a look-up table to be used to calculate output values. A simple conversion file is added to the server which contains the table of raw values and output values. This extension is especially useful for applications such as stage-discharge curves and other non-linear data types.

Database and Security Improvements

Also included with addVANTAGE Pro 6.8 are a number of database performance and security updates that will keep your server running safely and smoothly.

For more details, contact us direclty!




addVANTAGE Pro 6.6 again delivers a lot of new features and major improvements. The following list gives a brief overview - to read more just scroll down:

  • New database: PostgreSQL
  • Prefetching of extension values before processing
  • SSL support for mails implemented
  • Events linked to the plot
  • Compressed HTML transmission (80% reduction of traffic)
  • Extensions split into sub-categories
  • Two new & free meteorological extensions
  • Improved & simplified LiveData API

New database: PostgreSQL

  • Together with the “extension prefetch” this new database performs up to 20 times faster than addVANTAGE Pro 6.5 with HSQL (e.g. dew point calculation for 5 years of historic data took well over 4 minutes in Pro 6.5, now with 6.6 the same task takes only 30 seconds).
  • External process – PostgreSQL is not running inside addVANTAGE Pro. It is therefore possible to connect the DB while addVANTAGE Pro is running.

The performance boost causes the server to start approx. 30% slower than previously, and the database will occupy approx. 40% more disk space. A typical backup, however, will create a file 40% smaller than before, which is compressed to even less size. Thus total required disk space will be less than before.

SSL support for mails
Upon numerous customer requests we have implemented SSL support for communication with mail servers. This will enable you to use popular, free email servers which require secure communication, such as Google, Yahoo, and others.

Showing events on the plot
Events/alarms can now be displayed in data view when using the graphical display option. One of the screenshots above shows an example of the alarm bubble and the related text box that appears upon clicking onto the alarm symbol.

Compressed HTML transmission

  • Will reduce data traffic by approx. 80% (!)
  • Has almost no influence on server performance
  • Ideal for viewing data when available bandwidth is limited (e.g. Africa, South America and also on some mobile connections)

Extensions split into sub-categories
To provide you with a better overview of the by now fairly long list of extensions we have grouped them together into four main categories:

  • Calculation extensions
  • Meteorological extensions
  • Water–Irrigation extensions
  • Export extension

Two new meteorological extensions
Two extensions which were requested quite frequently have now been implemented. Both are included into the standard delivery package of addVANTAGE Pro 6.6, so no extra charge applies:

  • Leaf wetness duration:
    The extension delivers three possible outputs:
     - Daily total
     - Raw duration
     - Running total
  • Wind Chill – Apparent Temperature:
    The two well-known models for calculating Wind Chill have been implemented:
      - NOAA / UK Met Wind Chill Index
      - Australian Apparent Temperature

Improved and simplified LiveData API

  • Two complexity levels: Basic and Advanced
  • Basic is done in XML (for the most important definitions)
  • Advanced is done in Java (for more complex definitions)

ADCON is providing API documentation as well as trainings for basic and advanced implementations. Please ask your Adcon distribution partner for more details!

ADCON Telemetry advantage Pro 6.5 - with a completely reworked data viewer, largely enhancing your data display and interpretation experience and ease-of-use. In addition we have improved the usability of the right-click menues, and have added the JSON export format.

The "DataView"
Until now you had a trend panel. And an events list. And a map panel. "DataView" combines all of this into one single panel that is much easier to navigate and work with. And it is also much faster!

New navigation bars on the X- and the Y-axis allow you to change on the fly the time window you want to see, modify your value range, easily separate various sensors into distinct "ribbons" on the graph, stack the respective Y-axis on top of each other, taking much less space then in previous versions, choose from (semi)transparent colors for your data graphs, and more.
When displaying multiple sensors of the same type within the same panel, all of which having the same colour, such as 10 air temperature or 6 manometer sensors from 10 weather or pipeline stations, you can now easily distinguish between the individual lines. Just move your mouse pointer onto the various sensors in the legend, and the selected sensor will automatically be high-lighted.

The legend is no longer a compulsory element. You don't want to see it? A mouse click, and it's gone. Rather have it on top or on the left hand side? Grab it and move it where you want it!
Restricted Viewing
For those who are offering hosted data services we have implemented the feature to restrict the amount of data a user can see. You can now easily assign a start and an end date to a DataView - and previous, historic data cannot be displayed, and neither can later data be seen.

JSON data export
Let me start this chapter by quoting from Wikipedia:
"JSON  is an open standard format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs. It is used primarily to transmit data between a server and web application, as an alternative to XML." With 6.5 we have also embedded JSON into the addUPI protocol. Therefore data exchange between addVANTAGE Pro and applications using JSON has just become a lot easier. (Please note that the JSON part of addUPI isnotsupported by the A850 Gateway!)

Browsers supported
We have extensively tested addVANTAGE Pro 6.5 with Firefox, which has performed flawlessly. IE 11 in turn is not our favourite..... Lots of tweaking and bending was necessary, delaying the release of Pro 6.5 by several weeks, until we finally got IE working*. With Chrome and Safari we performed only random testing, but have encountered no problems - but hey, don't take our word for it! (Should you want to use the latter two and face problems, please send us an error report with a screenshot and a detailed description on how the error was triggered.)

addVANTAGE Pro 6.4

ADCON Telemetry release Pro 6.4 -  powerful tools for system administrators, a template library, a convenient RTU Wizard, and a brand-new export extension.

The Template Library
Operators of large networks and many, many stations are repeatedly faced with the need of "recreating" graphs, trends, extensions, all sorts of nodes - in identical setups as have previously already been created. 6.4 allows the administrator to now create a suite of templates, store them in the new template library, and recreate an entire area with all its content with the click of a mouse button. This will largely accelerate and facilitate the creation of new areas and make an administrators live much easier!

The RTU Wizard
Another one of these annoying tasks - setting up a new RTU. However, the new Wizard will guide you through this work stream in one, clean sweap - from creating a data source to setting up user rights. Nothing can be forgotten, no deviation needed, no search required how to do it and where to find it - the Wizard does it all!

The BEE - the new, Basic Export Extension
This will in the long run replace the A2A export utility. Now you can create and recreate and duplicate any configuration of an export file that you need, for whichever application. Define your export parameters, field delimiters, headers, and target directory - BEE does the rest!
A future, soon to be released version, will also provide you with the options to automatically transfer the files you just exported by FTP or by email directly to your target clients. Please note that this is an optional extension, not part of the free extension package.

The Server Status "Health Panels" for administrators
For administrators it is more important than for "standard users" to have a quick an comprehensive overview as to the current status of their addVANTAGE Pro server's health. These new panels will provide an excellent overview at a glance to important issues such as
available harddisk space for the database and the backups, when the last backup was performed, if the backup was successfull and the DB consistent,

  • how many users are logged in,
  • how many RTUs are present on this server,
  • how much time extensions take to calculate,
  • how much memory and CPU power are being used,
  • how many extensions are in the queue.