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Telemetric agrometeorological network in Bulgaria


The problem is anything but specific to Bulgaria: agriculture is using resources quite wastefully, from pesticides to fungicides, from fertilizer to water. They are not only used excessively, but also at the wrong time - notwithstanding the availability of proven methods to remedy the above mentioned errors, optimizing and in most cases reducing the usage of resources.

The Task
In cooperation with a reknowned manufacturer of agro-chemicals a network of agro-meteorological stations needed to be installed, feeding a variety of Decision Support Systems, to properly assess the timing and quantity of the applied resources.

The Solution
ADCON Telemetry's Bulgarian distribution partner, ScientAct BG, was commissioned to install seven fully equipped agro-met stations in strategic locations all over the country, representative for the respective crop and micro-climatic zone. Thanks to good mobile phone coverage at all sites, ADCON A753 addWAVE GPRS RTUs could be deployed, together with a full set of sensors for evapotranspiration and disease monitoring.

For data collection, processing and distribution a central server was setup, at the same site to which all stations are connecting to an A850 Telemetry Gateway to deliver data. Thanks to a broadband internet connection, advisors and users alike can access the server to work with the data and feed their customizable disease and irrigation models.

ADCON Products deployed in this project:

Case Study Summary

Agrometeorological network


Products deployed
A850 Telemetry Gateway
TR1 Temperature and rel. Humidity sensor
RG1 Rain Gauge
SP-Lite Solar radiation sensor

Scientact BG Ltd.

Participating Organizations
BASF Bulgaria

Parameters recorded
Air temperature and rel. humidity
Solar radiation

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