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Instrument Repair

Contact OTT Hydromet Repairs

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Repair Request Form

If you want to send an instrument for repair please enclose:

Repair Form

Declaration of contamination

Remote Support

In many cases it will be necessary to give an ADCON technician access to your computer. This will speed things up significantly, as, rather than describing verbally what's going on, he can directly work on your machine, while you are watching what's going on.

In order to connect to your system we have licensed a version of Teamviewer that you can download through the link below. Please note that this tool comes with an embedded password and will work only to connect to ADCON Support! And no, we cannot logon to your machine without you starting this software first and explicitely authorizing us to log on!

Once you have your ADCON support technician on the phone, launch this  tool by simply double-clicking the .exe file. The window that opens will show a session ID which you need to tell to your ADCON technician to allow him to log on - ready to go!

OTT TeamViewer - Remote Support
OTT TeamViewer



If you are looking for answers to specific problems, need general technical support, want to get some insider information on Adcon products, need a manual, or just want to browse the FAQ section, then this is the right place to go!

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