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Irrigation Management

Getting one’s irrigation right is key to success, with too much being as harmful as too little. Water is a valuable resource that should be applied only when necessary and in the right amount needed by your crop to absorb moisture and with it the nutrients from the soil required for proper development. Here is how ADCON can provide you with the right tools to take these decisions.

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To determine the right time and the right amount for irrigation the irrigation manager needs a lot of information from his crops, his soil and his water reservoir. In particular he needs to know

  • The phenological phase of his crop
  • The amount of water the crop lost through evapotranspiration
  • The amount of water added through precipitation
  • The current moisture status in the root zone of the crop, above and below
  • Field capacity and wilting point for each and every site
  • The amount of water available for irrigation

Given this complex problem it is obvious that a uniform application rate, no matter what, cannot be the solution. Unfortunately most farmers tend to overirrigate rather than adjust their irrigation rates as the season advances and weather and soil status change.

This question should not be taken lightly. Irrigation has tremendous impact across a broad range of issues, in particular the following:

  • Crop yield and quality
  • The effectiveness of fertilizers
  • Soil salinity and oxygen content
  • Balance of micro-organisms
  • The farmer’s energy bill
  • The lifetime of pumps and equipment

to name just the most important issues. You really can’t afford to get it wrong!
This is where ADCON comes in.

To answer the questions previously mentioned ADCON provides you with a number of tools. These tools comprise of several components, forming an excellent Decision Support System.

  1. Meteorological sensors measure all parameters needed to determine evapotranspiration and calculate current water balance;
  2. Soil sensors assess the moisture contents on many levels, from soil surface to all the way below your active root zone;
  3. Soil sensors can also inform you about soil temperature and conductivity, telling you exactly where your fertilizer goes and if you are at risk of salinification;
  4. ADCON’s addVANTAGE Pro software automatically calculates your crops’ development, and, taking the respective phenological phases into account, calculates both reference evapotranspiration (ETo) as well as crop specific evapotranspiration (ETc);
  5. Level and flow sensors tell you at any given time how much water is in your tank, your reservoir or aquifer, and help you monitor your pumps. Read more on this subject in the sections on “Irrigation Monitoring” and “Remote Valve Control”.

The benefits at a glance

  • Get important data automatically and 24/7
  • Irrigate only when and as much as necessary (can save you 50% of water and more!)
  • Avoid over-irrigation and excessive dry stress
  • Avoid wash-out of nutrients
  • Irrigate corresponding to the respective phenological phases
  • Control your crops‘ yield
  • Control your crops‘ quality
  • Save time and money
  • Operate environmentally friendly


Irrigation Management (351.52 kB)
Proper irrigation can do a lot: save money, save energy, save fertilizer - and improve crop quality and quantity at the same time!

Soil Sensors (470.36 kB)
Technical specifications of various soil sensors

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