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Precision Farming

Precision Farming can generally be defined as the summary of technologies that enable farmers to perform site specific crop management. Based on data collected from within his crops the management of inputs can be optimized for maximising returns while minimizing inputs.

Using a so-called Decision Support System (DSS) the farm manager will be able to determine accurate spray timing based on Disease Models, perform a protective irrigation based on timely Frost Warnings, and determine harvesting dates and insect development based on Growing Degree Days. But such site-specific action requires accurate and site specific data, delivered in near-real time to the farmer's desk. Adcon Telemetry has the perfect solution, field proven with 25 years of experience.

Disease Models          
Frost Warning             
Degree Days               
Decision Support        

Each Decision Support System can only be as good as the data you feed it with. To properly assess and evaluate what to do and when, you need relevant data from your own fields - and not from the next airfield or the city center, where Met office stations usually are located.

Depending on what you want to achieve (control diseases, optimize irrigation, avoid frost damage, fighting insects, or a combination of these) you need data from a variety of sensors, such as temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, wind speed and leaf wetness, to name but a few.

And this data must be as accurate and reliable as possible, and should come automatically to your desk, to your iPhone, to your iPad, at any time of day.

That’s when ADCON comes in. ADCON monitoring stations have an extremely successful, proven track record. By the beginning of 2017 well over 40.000 ADCON stations have been sold all over the world - to growers, producers, food processors, governments, international organizations, seed producers, etc. etc. And some of the very first stations sold in the mid-1990'ies are still in operation to this very day (of course with proper maintainance being performed)!

An ADCON station is an investment that will give you many years of reliable operation. This is not a toy - it's an instrument for professionals, by professionals.

ADCON has the right configuration for each of the Decision Support Systems mentioned before. Whether you want to control fungus or insects, optimize your irrigation or battle frost, determine the right time to harvest or create full traceability for all of the above – ADCON not only offers the measurement instruments and data transmission equipment you need, but also a state-of-the-art software that processes all your data in real time and tells you exactly what to do:

  • Get site specific weather information in near-real time through reliable wireless data transfer
  • Get relevant spray recommendations on time to save sprays and avoid crop loss
  • Irrigate when, where and how much is really necessary – and save up to 50 % in water, energy and fertilizer
  • Control quality and yield
  • Improve environmental stewardship
  • Create full traceability
  • Increase your profitability!
  • Network your field!

Please click on the various application buttons above and get detailed information on our disease models, frost protection system, Growing Degree Day models and much more.

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