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Pressure Monitoring

In all kinds of pipelines, tanks or processing systems pressure is a key parameter for operational safety. This parameter should not only be monitored frequently, but data should be available in near-real time to plant operators to enable them to act accordingly – as excessively high or low pressure can cause significant damage or operational disruption.

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Outside industrial facilities pressure monitoring is a challenging task. Most pipelines and many tanks are installed underground, so access to read a manometer is restricted. Power is usually not available, forcing the system operator to rely on battery powered equipment. Usage of sensors with an extremely low power consumption is very desirable to stretch maintenance intervals.

On top of this sensors should also not only be accurate, but maintain this accuracy over a long period of time without the need for recalibration, so operational stability across the entire range of pressure and temperature is an absolute must.

Many monitoring points are outside areas covered by mobile phone networks, so alternative means of data transmission are required. Talking of which: to allow quick reactions to potentially harmful fluctuations in system pressure the data collected needs to be transmitted frequently to the system operator.

As you might have expected – ADCON can provide a perfect solution to all of these problems!

Pressure transducers
ADCON supplies top quality piezo-resistive pressure transducers made in Switzerland: digitally compensated, with outstanding accuracy, long term stability and great tolerance against overpressure. All sensors supply a 0 - 2.5V analogue output signal and have an extremely low power consumption, making them fully compatible with even the smallest ADCON RTU, the A723 addIT, operating off a tiny solar panel.

The most popular manometer in ADCON’s product range is the PA1 transducer series. These sensors are available with a 10 bar or a 30 bar measuring range, with G1/4" standard European manometer threads, but also with NPT threads or others via various adapters. Custom ranges in between and up to 100 bar can be ordered. Cables with 5 and 10m length are available to connect the M12 thread of the sensor to the 7-pin connector as found on every ADCON RTU.

Pressure hammer recognition
The ADCON A753 addWAVE is capable of detecting even the shortest of pressure hammers. To do so the ADCON manometer sensor needs to be connected to the RTU’s “WIND” port, and the “WIND GUST” feature must be enabled. This will power the sensor permanently and take a reading every 250ms, calculating an average of the last 12 readings also every 250ms. The highest reading within the set monitoring slot time is put into memory and transmitted as a separate value.


Advantages of a telemetry monitoring system

  • permanent pressure monitoring enables swift reaction to any system abnormalities
  • pressure readings available 24/7
  • no need to go on site to retrieve data from loggers
  • continuous reading and storing of data in user defined intervals
  • the radio loggers can transmit other crucial data at the same time, such as meter counts, pipeline temperature, unauthorized access to the manhole, flooding of site and other parameters
  • low operating cost

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Agricultural Risk Management
A short outline of benefits of ADCON systems regarding modern Agricultural Risk Management.

WLVNB - a success story
Eastern Austrias largest water supplier operates 250 long range ADCON RTUs for leak detection.

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